Thursday, May 3, 2012


Soooo, this last year or two has really been about challenging my ideas about what and who I am. For a long time (I mean a LONG time), there was this extremely narrow slit of a window that I THOUGHT represented what I could do and was able to devote myself to completely.

At some point that notion began to shift. I've noticed (in retrospect, naturally) that I make my best decisions when I don't overthink. I'm not talking about which color flip flops to buy or whether to buy the $3 dish soap or the $3.99 dish soap or whether to "like" someone's status update. I'm talking about big decisions.

1. Buying our house. Ben and I went to an open house, toured it, didn't talk, went outside, stared each other in the eye, and said, "this is it." Was it perfect? Did it have the granite countertops, the perfect colors, the exact layout, the immaculately landscaped yard? No. That's all stuff we added later, in many many layers, and are still joyfully layering, as finances and time constraints shift. But I have never for one second looked back. We made this decision together, on our intuition alone, and it was the right one from day one.

2. Entering teacher training with Rolf Gates. One weekend (February 20, 2010 or so), a month after completing my 200 hour and sending everything off for Yoga Alliance approval, I was reading Rolf's book, Meditations From the Mat, and on a whim decided to visit his webpage for the first time. I quickly noticed that his 500 hour training had just begun in Virginia Beach, only 100 miles from me. Without a thought, I emailed him, and upon finishing all the required paperwork, was enrolled and entered the program late (I missed one weekend which I made up a year later). This was a life changing time period for me. I was searching for a way to "pull down" and this was it. From Rolf, I learned so many essential elements of living a life on purpose (not WITH purpose, which is an important distinction, I think).

3. Beginning Project Yoga Richmond.

4. Starting Yoga and 12 Step Recovery classes (in progress).

5. Teaching Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga classes here in Richmond.

There's lots more expansiveness happening-- all the time-- just remaining open to it.